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What is Stevia Extract (Stevia Sweetener)

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What is stevia extract (Stevia sweetener)?

Stevia leaf extract is an herb in the Chrysanthemum family which grows wild as a small shrub in parts of Paraguay and Brazil. The glycosides in its leaves, including up to 10% Stevioside, account for its incredible sweetness, making it unique among the nearly 300 species of Stevia plants.

Stevia is a new natural sweetener which is extracted from the stevia leaves (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni). It is off-white color, with appropriate taste, free of peculiar smell and is a new sugar source with a very bright future. Stevia leaves is 30 times sweeter than cane sugar, while it’s extraction is 200-300 times that of cane sugar and its caloric value is only 1/300 that of cane sugar. After a large amount of laboratory testings, stevia sugar has been proven to be without any toxic and side-effect, non-carcinogenic and is safe to be consumed. If taken frequently, it can prevent a lot of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and tooth decay, etc. It is an ideal sweetener in place of cane sugar. Stevia can be widely used in food, beverages and drinks, medicine, chemical products for daily use, wine-making, cosmetics, flavorings, etc. industries. Compared with using cane sugar, it can reduce cost by as much as 60%.

Stevia extract benefits:
  1. Stevioside stevia leaf extract helps solve various skin problems;
  2. Stevia extract can control high blood pressure and blood sugar levels;
  3. Stevia extract helps lose weight and reduce cravings for fatty foods;
  4. Stevia extract's antibacterial properties help prevent minor illness and cure minor wounds;
  5. Adding stevia extract to your mouthwash or toothpaste results in improved oral health;
  6. Stevia extract induced beverages lead to improved digestion and gastrointestinal functions.

How Stevia extract works:

Stevia can be beneficial in the treatment of many health conditions. Stevia is believed to have anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-glycemic, and anti-hypertensive properties which may help with hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, chronic fatigue, indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn, weight loss, cold and flu, gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities, dandruff and hair loss, brittle bones or osteoporosis, streptococcus, candidiasis, bacterial infections and skin conditions such as cuts, wounds, rashes, itchiness, blemishes, acne, seborrhoeic dermatitis, dermatitis, eczema, and wrinkles. It may also improve energy levels, strengthen immune system, stimulate mental activity, and may also help in withdrawl from tobacco and alcohol addiction.

Stevia extract  Dosage:

A dosage of 15 grams per kilogram is about 1000 grams per human each day. Most people will ingest less than 1 gram a day of stevioside even if they ingest a lot of stevia products.

Stevia extract(stevia sweetener) Precautions:

Based on the positive safety opinions of this sweetener, stevia leaf extracts are safe and harmless – like every other approved food. When addressing special consumer groups, who pay particular attention to their diet, we gathered the following information about stevia leaf extracts, stevia extract effects and the use of stevia leaf extracts as a sugar substitute in food and beverages.

1. Allergic persons – ask your doctor's advice
2. Positive effects of stevia with diabetes

3. Stevia as a sugar substitute for children

Where to buy Stevia extract (stevia sweetener) ?

If you want to buy capsule products, please select the Amazon. If you want to buy extract powder, please choose us. More detailed information about the high-quality suppliers, please click here:www.best-dietary-supplements.com 

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My husband and I switched to Stevia in place of sugar and other artifical sweeteners. The product is completely safe (you can web search for many studies) and now we saw on the news that Coca Cola is going to try it as an alternate sweetener! I...
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All you need with this is a sprinkle...if that. It does sweeten everything - and is good if you have diabetes or just want to avoid sugar. Too much and it turns bitter tasting on ya, so not too much. Some people think there is an after taste...or ...
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Sweet Leaf Stevia Extract is powdered, pure stevia. There are supposedly 400 servings (1/40th of a teaspoon) in a .4 ounce container, so it works out to be a fairly inexpensive natural, non-sugar sweetener and dietary supplement - less than 2 cent...
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I may the the stevia testing champ - must have used 20 products over the years - and this one's got the gold medal. Compared with similar products (about 1 0z. of 'pure' white powder) sold at iHerb or not, it's a 6 or 7 times as sweet and has a fr...
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