About Us

Mission Statement: To create an open platform that enables you to have interactive discussions about every supplement. 

Our website, best-dietary-supplements.com, is an open platform on nutrition and supplements where anyone can share their views and experiences on any kind of supplements with other users, producers or manufacturers. 

All the articles submitted to our website are closely checked by our editors to ensure that they are valuable to our users. Users are encouraged to submit corrections and any research we may have missed. 

Our principal aim is to bridge the communication gap between our users by starting discussions centered on products. You can have a healthy discussion on aspect such as: “what is”, “benefits”, “dosages”, “reviews”, “supply information” and “suppliers”. You can share any question or views pertaining any product. 

Our platform enables supplements raw material producers, manufacturers, traders, researchers, amateurs and users to have discussions, share their views and experiences. Therefore consumers and R & D personnel can help manufacturers and producers to develop products that better meets the needs of consumers. Our main aim is to push for improvement of the quality of all the dietary supplements in the market so that it can be more satisfying to consumers. 

We give a personalized blog page to every user, for example, http://www.best-dietary-supplements.com/users/60, where users share their experiences and views on a supplement for their blog page followers to read. Raw material producers are not left behind, each is allocated their own blog page where they can release information on their latest products and major development. They can also clarify on any issues raised by manufacturers or users. 

If you follow a supplement page, a manufacturer or user, you can be sure to receive the latest information and major updates the very moment it is updated.