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What is Olive Leaf Extract

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What is olive leaf extract?

It is extracted from the leaf of the olive trees, Olive Leaf Extract's active component is oleuropein. Oleuropein can resistant to insect and bacterial damage. Olive Leaf Extract may be beneficial because of its polyphenolic fraction, oleuropein. Like the polyphenolic component of red wine, resveratrol, oleuropein imparts some important antioxidant benefits to the user - reduction of LDL oxidation is a key one of them. 

Olive leaf is the leaf of olive tree. While olive is well known for its flavor and health benefits, the leaf has been used medicinally in various times and places. Natural olive leaf and olive extract (OLE) are now marketed as anti-aging, immunostimulators, and even antibiotics. Bioassays support its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects at a laboratory level. A liquid extract made directly from fresh olive leaves recently gained international attention when it was shown to have an antioxidant capacity almost double green tea extract and 400%higher than Vitamin C.

Olive leaf extract benefits:

  1. Olive leaf extract can be made into capsules, troche and granule as healthy food and drug.
  2. High quality Olive leaf extract, which have good solubility in water and ethanol plus the solution transparence and brilliance color, has been widely added into the beverage and cosmetics as the functional content.
  3. Olive leaf extract can be incorporated into a formulation for skin damage either by UV radiation or for assisting with wound healing.
  4. For its anti-oxidant, Olive leaf extractis also added into all kinds of foods as the nurture, natural antiseptic in Europe and USA, and it has increased the safety of the food.

How olive leaf extract works:

Fatty acids in olive oil seem to decrease cholesterol levels and have anti-inflammatory effects. Olive leaf and olive oil might lower blood pressure.

Olive leaf extract Dosage:

Supplemental olive leaf is taken in the 500-1000mg range daily, although supplements with even as low as 10mg (as seen in olive oil products) may confer good protection against LDL oxidation. At least for LDL oxidation, olive food products may suffice rather than supplementation.

Olive leaf extract Precautions:

Olive oil taken by mouth is well-tolerated. When applied to the skin, delayed allergic responses and contact dermatitis have been reported.
There is insufficient reliable information available about the safety of olive leaf, although so far olive leaf and fruit pulp have not been associated with significant side effects in clinical studies.
Olive trees produce pollen that can cause seasonal respiratory allergy in some people.

Where to buy olive leaf extract?

If you want to buy capsule products, please select the Amazon. If you want to buy extract powder, please choose us. More detailed information about the high-quality suppliers, please click herewww.best-dietary-supplements.com

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Some people have reported headaches at the start of taking olive leaf extract. Most likely, these headaches are associated with the initial detox reaction and subside in time. If you experience headaches while taking olive leaf extract, reduce ...
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My blood pressure was running high, approximate 150/90 so the doctor put me on Enalipril 10 mg. It lowered my blood pressure down to about the 130's/80-90. I started taking this olive leaf extract a few months ago and it has reduced my blood press...
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