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What is Oat Beta Glucan

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What is beta glucan?

It is extracted from the Oat which is the prevention of atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease an ideal food. It is rich in sub-Shan acid, accounting for 35% of unsaturated fatty acids -52%, diabetes, fatty liver, constipation, edema, which are secondary effects on the elderly to enhance physical strength, longevity boost.

The oats include the rich glucosan, uses the advanced biological extraction isolation technique to obtainβ- glucosan from the oats the polyose.

The oatsβ - glucosan may stimulate the macrophage, the activation immune system, has the promotion wound to recover the cell factor which gathers, protects the cell.

Therefore, regarding prevents the process which the skin gets older, it is the very good candidate.

Beta glucan benefits:

1. It can prevent and cure diabetes and constipation.

2. Diabetes patients eat high cellulose, not only can improve the diet to reduce high blood glucose, insulin and the dose oral glucose-lowering drugs, and be helpful for reducing weight, also can prevent and cure constipation, hemorrhoids, and disease

3. Oats dietary fiber has very good effect to reduce weight.

How Oat Beta Glucan works:

Beta glucans might lower blood cholesterol by preventing the absorption of cholesterol from food in the stomach and intestines, when it is taken by mouth. When given by injection, beta glucans might stimulate the immune system by increasing chemicals which prevent infections.

Oat Beta Glucan Dosage:

The recommended intake of beta-glucan for reduction of cholesterol is 3 g/day, an amount found in approximately 90 g of oats.

Oat Beta Glucan Precautions

The potential side effects of beta-glucans, when taken by mouth, are not known. When used by injection, beta-glucans can cause chills, fever, pain at the injection site, headache, back and joint pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, high or low blood pressure, flushing, rashes, decreased number of white blood cells, and increased urine. People with AIDS who take beta-glucans have developed thickening of the skin of the hands and feet.

Where to buy  Oat Beta Glucan:

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Publish a review about product Oat Beta Glucan

I bought beta glucan on recommendation of Dr. Blaylock to build up my immunity during and after an operation,I was able to keep healthy without flu colds or virus for which I was thankful having previously been susceptible.
2015-08-06 02:59:50

Publish a review about product Oat Beta Glucan

I ordered 2- and they both had a use date of 4/ 2012, I was surprised to see this, the last bottle was new. I use it to lower my triglycerides, and for the fiber. I hope the next bottles will be new next time
2015-08-06 02:55:20

Publish a review about product Oat Beta Glucan

My motivation to purchase this product came after several concerns: 1) I have the blessing of both maternal and paternal high cholesterol. 2) I have a non-alcoholic fatty liver. 3) I can not take statins present in cholesterol lowering drugs. Stat...
2015-08-06 02:53:28

Publish a review about product Oat Beta Glucan

I had a bit higher cholesterol values, than accepted. I was asked to take, Lipitor, (a statin), which I refused. instead I chose NUTRIM. I followed the directions and by my next blood work, four weeks later, I had managed to lower the cholesterol,...
2015-08-06 02:48:57

Publish a review about product Oat Beta Glucan

Although I did change my eating habits slightly, the Nutrim product sincerely helped me get my LDL levels under control naturally. I was not expecting such a big reduction of level but I started with 169 and went down to 123. It took less than 30 ...
2015-08-06 02:47:22
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Bernhard Leuschke

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2015-07-22 08:17:18
Avatar 23

Answer the question『 Why oatmeal is good for your heart?

No doubt you’ve heard about the heart health benefits associated with a diet that includes consuming oats. That’s partly because oats are good sources of the soluble fiber beta glucan. In a study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture’s Bel...
2015-07-22 08:15:06
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Leone Predovic

Answer the question『 What’s so Great About Beta Glucan?

There is solid evidence that beta glucan can boost heart health. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a heart-healthy label for foods that have high amounts of beta glucan based on this evidence. Several studies suggest that be...
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Answer the question『 How Does Oat Glucan Work?

Because it’s a soluble fiber, beta glucan slows down food transit in the intestines so that food takes longer for the body to digest. Slower digestion means the body doesn’t absorb sugar as quickly, reducing the likelihood of blood sugar spikes an...
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Jake Hammes

Answer the question『 What is Oat Beta Glucan?

Oat glucan is a soluble fiber derived from the oat endosperm cell wall. It is a natural polymer comprised of individual glucose molecules that are linked together by a series of beta-(1 3) and beta-(1 4) linkages. This unique array of linking make...
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