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What is Corosolic acid

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It is an herbal substance that occurs in the leaves of Banaba plant. Due to its medicinal value, people in Philippines and India traditionally used to brew it as a tea and take it to treat kidney and liver problems. With the advancements in the field of medicine, the substance is today found in the form of dietary supplements. It has hypoglycemic, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-proliferative effects on the human body.

Corosolic acid benefits

Firstly, Corosolic acid helps to balance blood sugar. An article that appeared in 2008 issue of Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice Journal indicated that the acid helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates and blood sugars into energy thus lowering the level of glucose. This is beneficial because high levels of glucose in the blood can lead to diabetes and other life-threatening conditions. Secondly, it is useful in cancer treatment. Information published on Baseline of Health shows that the acid has cytotoxic effects on cancer cells. It stimulates the release of enzymes that kill cancer cells. The information originates from a study conducted at the Changai hospital in China during which cervical cancer cells were used. Breast and liver cancer cells have been used in subsequent studies and produced similar results. Thirdly, it is a remedy for fighting obesity. An online pharmaceutical encyclopedia, Drugs.com, published information indicating that Corosolic acid inhibits protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B. This is an enzyme that interferes with insulin signaling and makes the body store more fat. Inhibition of the enzyme, therefore, reduces fat storage, lowering the risk of obesity.

Corosolic acid dosage

According to information from Nutra Green, Corosolic acid today is taken in the form of supplements that have 1-2 % of the acid. Most manufacturers will prescribe an optimal dose of 2 capsules daily, taken before the morning and the evening meal. The amount can decrease or increase slightly depending on the condition being treated. For treating type II diabetes, a dose of 16-48 mg taken for around eight weeks helps to reduce blood sugar levels and keep blood sugar fluctuations in check. A dose of 30mg daily is considered appropriate for cancer treatment. For weight loss, the dosage varies with individual body weight but it should not exceed 50mg.In some instances, your health care might prescribe a different amount that is more appropriate for you, so it is good to seek medical consultation.

Corosolic acid side effects

People using the extract especially for the first time may experience various side effects. Some of these include headaches, fatigue, and skin rashes. Taking an excessive dosage of the substance could lower blood sugar to a point of causing loss of consciousness. Stick to the recommended dosage to avoid such effects.


Pregnant women should avoid using the substance because it can be passed on to the fetus and could be harmful. People using sugar-regulating medication should not use the supplements before consulting with a doctor.


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