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What is Bromelain

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If you do not know what is Bromelain then you have come to right place. Bromelain is derived from the pineapple fruit in the form of a protein. Please read this write-up to know more about Bromelain.

Introduction to Bromelain 

In fact Bromelain can be referred as one of the two protease enzymes found in the plants from Bromeliaceae family like pineapple etc. and is extracted in combination of various other compounds. After various researches and studies the effectiveness of this natural product against several diseases has been proved but still there is no authentic evidence about using it as a drug or nutritious medicine. On the basis of researches this extract is used for medical purposes for reducing inflammation and improving digestion since long but as an ingredient used in cooking it is also used to tenderize meat. According to some of the practitioners of alternative medicines human body can absorb Bromelain completely not only to treat your indigestion but various other health problems outside the digestive tract like reducing inflammation, treating sinusitis and even cancer in some cases. In combination with rutin and trysin it can also treat osteoarthritis due to its natural anti-inflammatory features. 

History of Bromelain

Traditionally, the natives of South and Central America use pineapple as a medicinal plant. In 1891, Bromelain was recognised by Vicente Marcano, a Venezuelan chemist, for the first time after fermentation of pineapple fruits. In 1892 Elliott P. Joslin and Frank Sherman Meara assisted Russell Henry Chittenden in making more investigations in this regard. They named this product as Bromelain as the protease enzyme it includes was derived from a plant from bromeliaceae family, pineapple.

Benefits of Bromelain

Though enough authentic evidence about the effectiveness of Bromelain as dietary supplement is not available due to lack of research in this direction but still its benefits can be discussed on the basis of personal experiences of its users. Some of the benefits of Bromelain may include:

Treatment for sinusitis: According to various studies it has been concluded that Bromelain can help in treating sinusitis effectively by improving breathing, control coughing and reduce congestion.

Curing injuries and post-surgery conditions: Bromelain supplements can be used to bruising, swelling, pain and inflammation caused after any injury or surgery. 

Treatment for Osteoarthritis: The practitioners of alternative medicines are of the view that Bromelain found in the form of nutritional supplements in the market can help in treating mild pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Effective treatment for Cancer: Bromelain can also be used as a complementary treatment for cancer in combination with other proteolytic enzymes, according to various researchers. But it cannot replace conventional treatment confidently due to the lack of extensive research required in this direction. 

Improvement in digestion: It helps in digesting protein along with reducing various symptoms of indigestion like gastritis and bloating as well as the syndromes of irritable bowel movement. For the purpose of improving digestion Bromelain can either be used alone or along with various other enzymes like amylase to digest starch and lipase to digest fats.


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Side effects and interactions of Bromelain

Nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, abnormal uterine bleeding, drowsiness, heavy menstruation, increased heart rate, and indigestion are some of the common side effects of consuming Bromelain. 

Bromelain also show allergic reaction with some health conditions like asthma. It may cause tightness in throat, difficult breathing, itchy skin, rashes and skin hives etc. People allergic to pineapple, carrot, latex, fennel, celery, wheat, rye, bee venom, papain and cypress pollens should also avoid to take Bromelain. Use of Bromelain is restricted for the people having peptic ulcers and other digestive disorders as they should consult their physician before using it. People having the problem of bleeding disorder should also use it under the supervision of their doctor as it can increase the risk of bleeding, especially after surgeries or dental procedures.

You should also use Bromelain under the guidance of your health care professional if you are taking medicines like warfarin, aaspirin, clopidogrel, heparin for thinning your blood or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like naproxen and ibuprofen etc. People taking supplements and herbs like garlic and biloba etc. that are supposed to increase the risk of bleeding should also use Bromelain cautiously. 

It has also been proved through various studies that Bromelain can increase the absorption of certin other medications including antibiotics like tetracycline and amoxicillin etc, chemotherapy drugs like vincristine and 5-fluorouracil, medications for ACE inhibitor blood pressure like lisinopril and captopril etc. Medications causing drowsiness like diazepam or benzodiazepines lorazepam and narcotic anti-depressants like barbituats and codeine etc. also come under this category.

Working of Bromelain

Bromelain seems to help your body in producing the elements that can fight with swelling and pain in it. The chemicals included in Bromelain also help in slowing down clotting of blood and obstructing the growth of the cells causing tumours. 

How to take Bromelain?

Bromelain available in tablet and capsule form on the stores is typically extracted from pineapple fruits as well as the stem of its plants. After various scientific studies it was concluded that Bromelain can be taken by mouth in various dosages for different reasons according to your target. When used for digestive reasons then it should be taken with meals. If reducing inflammatory condition id your goal then it is recommended to be taken on empty stomach between meals to maximize its absorption. So if you want to take Bromelain for improving digestion then you should take it with meals in the standard dose ranging from 200 to 2,000 mg but if your goal is other than digestion like reducing inflammation etc then its standard dose will range from 200-800 mg. In order to avoid degradation of stomach Bromelain is usually taken between meals in large range of standard dosages because of the variation in the potency of the enzymes included in it. 

Where to buy Bromelain?

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This product is awesome! I had asthma issues back in January 07. I started using Bromelain and must say it has my asthma in check. Cannot express how much bromelain has helped me out.
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I started taking this for digestion support after gallbladder removal. After researching it more I discovered there was a reason my knee and foot pain went away. It also helps with inflammation. I had terrible scar tissue pain from repeated abdomi...
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