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What is Andrographolide

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Andrographolide is a labolane diterpernoid extracted from the leaves and stem of the plant Andrographis paniculata. It has been used in India, China and Thailand for several centuries, though today it has spread to other geographical locations including USA. It was listed as a cold property that aided in fever and toxins elimination in the body in the 1992 Pharmacopoeia of the People of the Republic of China. Its full structure was determined in the 1960s, the major constituent being diterpene lactone. Other minor diterpenes were identified as other components of Andrographolide.

Andrographolide  Benefits

Andrographolide has several medicinal benefits to the human body which include:

Reducing the impact of cancer in the body. It does this by binding several protein targets using covalent modification in cancer cells. The active components included the active analogues 2b, 2c and 4c, based on research results gotten in 22nd Sept 2008 by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University Putra in Malaysia.

Scientists from Mahidol University in Thailand in a research carried out on 30th Sept 2006, on the plants’ ability to cure heart and blood cell diseases. They confirmed its ability to cure thrombosis, due to its components andrographolide and didehydroandrographolide, which prevent platelets from sticking together, thus preventing clotting.

Impacting anti-inflammatory effects, preventing redness, pain and swelling. This is possible with p-Chrolobenzyliden to C-15 compound 2. Compound 6 is also as effective, decreasing serum iNOS activity and increasing the production of PGE 2 production. This was confirmed by researchers from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine based on the research carried out in 2006 on Andrographis Paniculata.

Boosting both antigen-specific and antigen-nonspecific immune response, by increasing antibody activity and phagocytosis by macrophages using lactone components.

Reducing the severity, duration and frequency of the upper tract infections using Andrographolide, dehydroandrographolide, neoandrographolide and deoxyandrpgrapholide to enhance phagocytosis by macrophages.

Andrographolide Dosage

Andrographolide gives positive results when given in the right dosage for the corresponding ailment as shown below:

  • 60mg daily of either 59 or 60 Andrographolide to help in common cold, sinusitis, and tonsillitis
  • 48mg daily dosage of 61 Andrographolide for Mediterranean fever.
  • 30mg daily dosage of 45 Andrographolide for ten days to aid in children with upper respiratory tract infection.

Andrographolide Side Effects

Andrographolide was tested in HIV patients, as it was bound to have antibiotic impacts. However, it was found to leave several side effects including; headache, fatigue, rashes, metallic taste in the mouth, diarrhea, urticuria, decreased sex drive and increased liver enzymes among others. This was realized after the use of 27 and 43 Andrographolide. Avoiding such negative impacts just calls for avoiding the drug altogether for the HIV patients. However, research is ongoing on a whether a different form of the drug can help with the disease.


Andrographolide causes abortion, thus should be avoided by pregnant ladies at all costs.


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