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What is African mango extract

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The African mango extract is made from the nut or seed of the mango and can be dried or fresh and contains some powerful ingredients. The seeds are fat and protein rich; they are usually dried in the sun for preservation before being sold in powder form or in full. To most users, the seed extract is available in capsules, powder or liquid form and is readily available online. The African mango is scientifically known as Irvingia Gabonensis (IG), it is a tree that’s grown in west and central Africa. The tree produces an edible fruit that’s similar to a mango and is nicknamed bush mango, wild mango or Dika nut. The mango is a brightly colored tropical fruit and is different from other mango fruits because it produces an unusual seed or pit. For hundreds of years, the extract from these seeds have been used by villagers in Central and West Africa for its wide ranging medicinal benefits.

African mango extract benefits

The extract has several benefits. In a 2005 study carried out by Judith Ngondi et al, of the Department of Biochemistry, University of Yaoundé, published in the May 2005 edition of Lipaids in Health Disease, the subjects exhibited some significant reduction in their blood lipid levels; this includes LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. The level of high density lipoprotein or good cholesterol also showed marked improvements. In the same study, the efficacy of the extract as a weight loss product was also proven, with the intervention group experiencing an average weight reduction of 5.26lbs after using the extract over a four week period. As a weight loss supplement, taking it 30-60 minutes before meals lowers appetite, lowers bad (LDL)cholesterol levels and triglycerides, reduces fat cell growth , boosts the breakdown of fats and improves the overall blood sugar control level, in the process helping you melt away belly fat and trim waistlines. According to Albert Ayena PhD, the Global Institute for Bioexploration; the oil contained in the fruits seed contains lots of beta-carotene, this is effective at preventing high blood pressure, certain cancers, heartburn, infertility as well as other mental and emotional disorders. The seed is also found to be rich in B vitamins, Iron and healthy fatty acids which are essential for muscular development, brain heath and normal body function. 

African mango extract dosage 

Just like any other supplement, the dosage may differ depending on the particular brand one may be using and the overall purpose. The following doses have been studied in scientific research though, for obesity and lowering cholesterol level a dose of 1.05 gm of crude seed extract should be taken at least 3 times daily. If you are using the standardized seed extract (IGOB131), them a dosage of 150mg, twice daily is also highly recommended. African mango extract is taken orally (by mouth). 

African mango extract side effects

Generally, the product has been found to be safe for adults. This holds true when a crude seed extract is taken for up to four(4) weeks or alternatively when the standardized seed extract that’s also known as IGOB131 is used for up to ten (10) weeks. During this usage period, the reported side effects have been sleep problems, headaches and flatulence.


It is worth mentioning that there is no reliable information out there about the overall safety of taking the extract when you are pregnant or breastfeeding and it is therefore advisable to be on the safe side and avoid use of the product. There is also no information regarding its interactions with other drugs and it is also advisable to ask your doctor if you are already using any other drug(s)。


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